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Market Your Deal with RitterTime

Rittertime is an agile firm that is built around a best-in-class network of investors, operators, developers and key opinion leaders by facilitating private capital partnerships. We focus on investment types such as real estate, real estate development, cannabis and most importantly the intersection of all three.

We create value through our hands-on approach by identifying and servicing the specific needs of our clients. The bedrock of our operation is our attitude and our approach when counseling our clients. We stand apart because of our unique knowledge of private financing and how it can impact the cannabis and real estate industries.

RitterTime’s Primary Marketing Channels
WEBSITE The core of our operations exists on our website which often receives 500+ unique visitors in a 24-hour period.
SUBSCRIBERS We have over 20,000 email subscribers that look to us for investment opportunities as wells as inside knowledge of industry trends.
All of our featured opportunities are shared across multiple channels to a wide range of networks.
Our CEO, Matt Ritter, plays an active role both locally and regionally in industry organizations which has led him to cultivate a rich network of brokers, investors and operators.
Strategies that Deliver Results
Let’s set up a time to take the next step and get the ball rolling on your deal!