The Key to Private Capital: How Rittertime delivers value
Money is the lifeblood of business; you don’t need an MBA to figure that out. Cannabis operators are no different; to legally operate they need a license attached to a physical property, state of the art facilities, equipment, labor and more. Cannabis, like many things in mother nature, cultivates on its own timeline i.e. it has to grow. (Ok, we are done stating the obvious). Cannabis businesses are no different from any other operation, there is a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure happy customers, happy workers and happy owners.

So where does Rittertime come in?

We provide a range of solutions to ensure cannabis operators have the capital partners they need to grow and prosper. Before we break down our services, the what, let’s talk about the why.
Core Values: What the Rittertime Network is all about.
Think big, act small.
When operators need capital, they can enlist the help of larger funds such as Real Estate Investment Trusts to buy property and lease it back, however to a company whose interest holds hundreds, maybe thousands of properties, you are just a name on a list. Rittertime built all of our relationships one handshake at a time, we don’t treat our clients like a number on a balance sheet, we are here with you every step of the way, with skin in the game.

Rittertime = Relationships.
Our primary means of raising capital comes from our close network of family offices located all over the country. What we provide our operators is a curated selection of investors that would be a good fit based on their business model. Despite our comprehensive marketing, we are not just casting a broad net, we are looking for the right fit. Conversely, the service we provide to our network of investors is education. We are fanatical about sharing our knowledge of the cannabis industry.

We measure success in years not weeks.
Rittertime puts all of its efforts toward providing value for our clients through the relationships we build. We don’t have a big fancy office building and we don’t have an army of sales reps. This enables us to look past the bottom line and focus on delivering real value for the parties involved. Our network of operators and investors is the key to our success.

Services: How we add value to cannabis operations
Our sweet spot in the industry has been facilitating introductions with likeminded private investors and operators with hard assets to collateralize. One example is a sale leaseback transaction between an investor and a cannabis operator. This involves an investor purchasing assets from an operator, then leasing those assets back to the operator with terms and a rate that works for both parties. There has never been a more fitting time to use the phrase win-win. *Want to learn more about sale leasebacks? Check out our recent post >

Due to state & federal limitations on cannabis, operators have a tough time navigating the red tape and it is nearly impossible for them to work with a FDIC insured lending institution. Even with the massive financial success of the cannabis industry there is still an absence of conventional funding. Past a lot of red tape, hoops to jump through and regulations to pore over; some operators still do not have access to FDIC insured banks and lending institutions. We have options that allow conventional financing in certain aspects of a cannabis operation. All cannabis operators, from the top MSO operators to local “mom & pops”, are in the same political climate and they are all searching for potential alternatives. We are here to support the operators find a solution that helps them reach their goals.

Industry Partnerships:
Our story of co-investing and sourcing capital from private investors is told through the cannabis industry partners we have. After a transaction is complete, operators do not have to think, “now what?” Due to the nature of our business, we work closely with a wide range of professionals in the industry who provide everything from equipment, software, or even marketing services. Let us put you in touch and most importantly, find you a better deal!

Right for you? What we value in cannabis operators we work with

In order to arrange a successful partnership between an investor and an operator, its key that operators meet some basic criteria.
Track record of success:
FDIC insured institutions and private capital purchasing real estate with a cannabis operator as their tenant are looking to partner with a financially strong business that is well established and continues to have “skin in the game”. Operators must provide to a fairly high degree of certainly that the 10-15 year lease will be carried out.

Solid Management Structure:
Not only do we represent solid cannabis operators, the investors who we work with rely on us to connect them with cannabis operators that know the business inside and out. Solid management structure, sophisticated financial tracking, and disciplined SOP procedures are key elements to a successful partnership.

This is a crucial aspect when operators are evaluating who would be an ideal capital partner. Because the industry is new, valuing a cannabis business is not precise enough for FDIC insured lenders to use as collateral. Currently FDIC insured institutions require cannabis operators to have 3-5 years of sophisticated financials that illustrate on time payments and their capital contributions to the business and their real estate. We can get the ball rolling by introducing you to an FDIC insured bank who we worked with to refinance a cannabis commercial real estate property with a wholesale cultivation tenant (4.5% interest and principal).

We saved the best for last. Our prime motivation for what we do at Rittertime is to enable the progress of the cannabis industry. We believe that legal cannabis makes the world a better place. Given the wild success of the industry it’s pretty clear that most Americans feel the same.

Let’s get started. Drop a line if you would like to work with us.

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