Here at Rittertime the relationships we develop with our clients are the lifeblood of our business. The Cannabis industry has taken off like a rocket and has been on a steady course up ever since. Although sales are growing in all of the states which have repealed the prohibition, there are other factors orbiting the industry that pose a risk to cannabis operators.

As any skilled investor knows, wherever you find risks, you will also find opportunities, and the key to unlocking those opportunities is having the right information and a few good relationships to bring everything together.


Rittertime takes a direct stance in how we present deals to our investors and how we structure financing for our operators – quality. If an investor is looking to finance cannabis operations, the success of the cannabis business is the foundation of the deal. Our end to end knowledge of the cannabis business and all the pieces of the puzzle is what drives us to identify excellence and pass on our information to investors.


We finance cannabis businesses that are looking to achieve growth and stability. When the marketplace is in a state of flux the most reliable position to have is one that is built on sound economic principle.

We help cannabis operators:

  • Access investment that will foster expansion into new markets as well develop assets, specifically real estate
  • Structure investment relationships so that operators retain options to control their business and assets
  • Engage hands on with all equitable partners to ensure transparency and instill confidence in the great businesses that make these investments work.


The best business relationships are built on shared a shared set of beliefs and values. We feel strongly in the value that cannabis adds to the economy as well as how it contributes to the lives and well-being of its users. Our motivation to help great cannabis businesses comes directly from this and upon this foundation we have developed great investments that benefit both our clients as well as the operators we work with.

If you are a cannabis operator and would like to talk with us about raising capital, please give us some information and we will get in touch with you shortly and set up a meeting!

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